Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Lame Gate to Awesome Door!

A family friend was worried about the security of her patio, and she only has a silly little gate keeping out the bad guys.

So I made things everything better with an awesome full length door that locks on the inside.

Since owning her place, she was dreaming about having something like that, and look who made here dreams come true!

Custom Cedar Bench Planter

Just a little something I built. The ideas were inspired by a couple pictures, but I designed and built it. If you have a dream for something similar to this, I can make it come true for you!

Oh, and ignore the dirty garage, this will look way better in your yard!

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Trim Samples

Here are some door casing and crown moulding pictures you were asking about. They look way better in person, and I have a collection of real life samples for you to see. Let me know when I can come over with my fun basket of trim!

I've arranged pictures from simple to complex. Enjoy!

Better off Shed

Here she is! That fugly old shed the whole neighbourhood is talking about.

Take note: -particle board soffit* (full of animal waste)
-eco green moss roof
-hollow door falling apart
-and horrible fascia*

Now that I've got my hands on it, take a look at these sweet after pics!

Take Note: -Awesome new fascia*
-Rodent resistant white vinyl soffits*
-The roof looks like a roof, not like a garden
-Custom cut solid wood door

Hope you enjoyed it! If you have any questions about this project; materials used, how to install, suggestions on your own projects, I am always willing to help!

Left to Right

*Fascia is the wood trim that follows the gable ends in the triangle shape and is where a gutter would attach to.
*Soffit is the material just behind the fascia that allows air into the roof, creating a breathable roof system and a healthy roof. Basically the material with all the holes in it.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Sexy Sexy Trim

Check out this sexy ass trim!

(hey kitty)

(hey bluebanger)

(hey sexy trim)

Honestly, if you've LEFT your trim unfinished for far too long, let me help you make it RIGHT!

Ps. Does your door and window trim look the exact same as your baseboards? Almost like the people who build your house bought that trim in bulk and put it everywhere!

I can help you say goodbye to the One-Trim-Wonder blues.

Cute Little Pergola

Hmm... Wouldn't this little pergola look great in your yard? Maybe put a bench in between, or a swing, or a swing bench, or a hammock, or maybe use it as an awesome entrance way to your yard!

It'll look great!!!

Left a job too long? We'll help make it Right!

Left to Right

Penny's Deck

Hey guys,
Here are the fun pictures of Penny's deck. Based on their wants and desires, I custom designed and built their dream deck.